A New AWESOME hipster- Adrienne Hess

We’ve just taken on a wonderful new assistant by the name of Adrienne Hess.

© Gina Allen

© Gina Allen

We’ve decided her official title is going to be Director of Social Media (picking up where I have no idea where I left off) and she will also be helping out with editing and assisting on shoots.

© Adrienne Hess

Adrienne is an Appalachian State Graduate. She interned with Martha Stewart Omnimedia’s Photography Department, bestowing on her an eye for current trends in the wedding industry, and also works for R.R. Donnelly as an assistant in their product shoots for Belk’s print catalog.  Ironic, as she never wanted to shoot product and refused to stay an extra semester at Appalachian’s Technical Photography program for the Product Class.  She maintains that “being thrown into the ring of fire, taught me a lot more than being in a classroom for a semester ever could have.”

She has a sharp wit, all the better to keep me in line, and loves fashion to a ridiculous degree.  She writes for Charlotte Style Magazine in her free time about current trends.

Adrienne commonly gets told she looks like Zooey Deschanel, solely because she’s a bit hipster, has blue eyes, glasses, and bangs.  I’ve taken to calling her Zooey around the office.  We’ll see how long it takes us to have a ‘calm’ shouting match about personal identity.

Please welcome our new staff hipster…. like we ever had one before….