Commercial / Corporate / Business / Advertising Photography Services Charlotte NC

Chuck Eaton is a professional photographer who specializes in advertising, helping companies share their stories through still photos and multimedia.

Who I Help:

Our clients are companies who understand the value of strong, storytelling photography in marketing initiatives and corporate communications. While some of our assignments are for multinational corporations, Chuck also enjoys working with small and mid-size businesses in and around Charlotte, North Carolina.

What Are Storytelling Photos?

Storytelling has become a big corporate buzzword, but we still encounter a lot of confusion about just what it looks like. A photo doesn’t automatically tell a story. Most photos simply capture the facts: WHO was there, WHAT was happening, WHEN… WHERE…WHY…A storytelling photo captures attention. It’s memorable. It causes readers to pause, and maybe even wonder, or admire, or reflect. And ideally, they take action by buying your product/service or hiring you!