Amy and Barry at Daniel Stowe Botanical Garden

Meet our beautiful wedding couple, Amy and Barry.
How did they meet?
As Barry tells it, “I shot her.”
Wait! It’s not as scary as it sounds. Barry used a water pistol. But make no mistake — Barry is one formidable adversary.
The “hostilities” commenced as a fraternity/sorority party during sophomore year. The party had a military theme, and the sorority and fraternity houses stalked each other, assassin-style.
It was open-season at Wake Forest. Each victim was chosen at random, names pulled from a hat.
Barry drew Amy.
It was time for stalking and strategic planning. Barry went undercover, coordinating with Amy’s resident advisor. Using his new ally, Barry gained access to Amy’s dorm suite. He deftly posed as a pizza delivery guy, ensuring that a room full of college students would answer the door.
Barry then asked which of those present was Amy. Despite her cat-like dive to hide beneath a blanket, the wide weave of the afghan worked against our heroine. Barry opened fire, soaking his target with an over-sized water gun.
Amy signed his card and he went on his smug, merry way.
Some girls might pout or hold a grudge, but our girl’s got game. She took the cease-fire in stride, and the two became close friends. Before they knew it, they graduated from the university. They began to establish their careers. So where, exactly, did the relationship stand between Barry and Amy?
Flash forward to the future.
“After nine years as friends — even a brief stint as roommates — we went on our first date,” Amy said.
The former assassin-and-prey were now officially a loving couple. On one frosty winter day, they decided to see the sights in Washington, D.C.
“Following brunch at Cafe Atlantico in downtown Washington, Barry suggested we walk down to the National Mall to see the Smithsonian Sculpture Garden,” Amy said. She resisted a bit, since it was 28 degrees outside and she had no hat, but the persuasive Barry prevailed. As they walked, Amy noticed they were approaching the National Archives. This landmark held a special place in both their hearts. Back when they were just friends, Barry was about to be deployed to Iraq. The day before he shipped out, they visited the Archives, together.
They had not been back since.
An imposing flight of steps leads up to the Archives. That isn’t where the Archives entrance is, but Barry suggested they go to the top of the steps anyway. Amy started to remind him that the entrance wasn’t up there, but opted to keep her mouth shut as it suddenly occurred to her that Barry seemed to be up to something.
Barry was. At the top of the steps, he dropped to one knee and proposed. Groups of passing tourists burst into applause.
Obviously, an overwhelmed Amy said “Yes!”
What made Barry’s and Amy’s wedding unique? Where to begin? Amy has a long list of cherished memories of their ceremony and reception at the Daniel Stowe Botanical Garden.
“I loved the personal touches that so many people contributed to the day,” she said.
Her list includes:
* “The wishing tree my Uncle Steve painted!”
* “The sash and the escort card display, both of which my mom made”
* “The Coldplay music that the Queen City Ensemble learned for my processional!”
* “My dad’s very ‘unique’ dance style”
* “The gorgeous and unusual flowers (including artichokes!) that Carey Roberts Design did.”
“Every element of the day felt like home,” Amy said. “Our vendors and our families alike brought their interpretations of our ideas to completion in a way that I never could have fully realized on my own.
“The best thing was the feedback from our guests,” Amy said. “Everyone keeps reaching out to say how much fun they had and how beautiful it was. Our biggest goal was to throw a great party where everyone felt welcome, and it really feels as though we did. People are also dying to see the pictures — the photographers were like ninjas, everywhere and yet nowhere all at once! (Thank you Amy, that’s quite the compliment!) The dance floor shots alone are going to be epic.”
As the joyful day drew to a close, the two departed for their honeymoon: an elegant European tour of Italy, Greece and Turkey.

cake: Cheesecakes, Etc.
gown: Lazaro
shoes: Nina
rings: bride’s rings custom made by Washington Diamond, Falls Church VA (engagement) and Unicorn Jewelry (San Diego, CA);
clergy: Pastor Bruce Jones
ceremony location: Daniel Stowe Botanical Garden, Belmont NC

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