Casey and Rick at Sea Pines

“Hey, I am a Bateman!”

Most brides are often excited by their new last names.
In Casey’s case… it comes with a good bit of familiarity!

It is a beautiful thing when a lifelong friendship becomes a lifetime love.
That’s exactly what happened with Casey and Rick. Their families have been friends for decades — even before Rick and Casey were born.

Over the years, Casey and Rick, saw each other occasionally as the two families got together. Then one Fourth of July Weekend, Rick’s mom, Kathy, invited Casey to celebrate with them at their vacation home in Sebago, Maine.

Casey, a healthcare administrator living in Hilton Head, headed North for a weekend of family fun. Rick and Casey, who grew up as childhood friends, began to see each other in a new light. Their friendship grew into love. The couple dated long-distance while Rick finished up law school at Northwestern University. After Rick graduated from Northwestern, he was offered a job near Casey. He is now an attorney with Mogil Law Firm in Hilton Head.

One day, the couple took a speedboat to Palmetto Bluff for what Casey thought was simply a casual lunch. After they arrived, Casey slipped into the church to freshen up in the ladies’ room. Unbeknownst to Casey, Rick had more than lunch and a church visit on his agenda. He had been planning his proposal to Casey for months.

“Rick went to the front of the church and asked me to come ‘look at something.’” Casey said. “When I walked up to the front of the church, he got down on one knee and asked me to marry him! I was so surprised I thought he was kidding at first! Then I realized he had a ring and I started to cry. I said ‘Yes!’”

The couple wed at Harbour Town, the classic and charming Hilton Head Sea Pines venue. Family and friends, many from out of town, joined them for the ceremony and reception. The entire ceremony was beautiful, but the gorgeous floral arrangements held a special place in Casey’s heart.

“The flowers were the most beautiful I have ever seen anywhere,” Casey said. “The person who did them used to work for my grandparents. Since I was seven, this beloved family friend told me she would ‘do’ my wedding, and she sure did! It was beautiful.

“The weather was perfect, our family and friends were all present, and the music from the band, Two 3 Ways, was fantastic. It kept everyone on the dance floor the whole night,” Casey said. “A good time was had by all!”

The fairytale wedding was capped off with a dream honeymoon: 12 days in lovely and exotic Costa Rica.

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