Firethorne Country Club {Kelsey and Jonathon} Charlotte Wedding Photographer

Here’s to all the high-school sweethearts who knew their love was true.

Kelsey and Jonathon prove that Cupid knows when a couple is perfect for each other. They fell in love in high school. Jonathon went on to become a financial analyst and Kelsey became a third-grade teacher.

How did Jonathon pop the question? We’ll let Kelsey tell you in her own words.

“Last year, over my spring break, we decided to take a trip to California,” Kelsey said. “We had talked about getting married, but after dating for seven years cumulatively, I wasn’t holding my breath anymore for a proposal. I knew he would do it when he was ready!

“We had a wonderful trip visiting Jonathon’s aunt, Maryalice, in Long Beach, and then traveled down to San Diego, La Jolla, and Coronado. The best day was when we went to a 360-degree view of San Diego at Mount Soledad. We then went to see the caves and seals in La Jolla.

“To end the day, we went back to Coronado Island, where we had visited the day before. The beaches were beautiful and the town was so quaint and inviting. As we were lying on the beach, Jonathon held the ring out to me that he had been carrying around all day, and asked me to marry him! Of course I sad ‘Yes!’

“We had a nice engagement dinner at an Italian restaurant in San Diego to celebrate.”

The couple wed at Firethorne Country Club, surrounded by loving family and friends.

They capped off a beautiful ceremony filled with love and laughter with a 10-day honeymoon in Rivera Maya, Mexico.