James and Becky at Vesuvius Vineyards

Becky and James: what a beautiful wedding, rich in Scottish tradition, and what a joyful couple!

The two met at Middle Tennessee State University, from which they both graduated. Today, Becky is a nurse in a surgical intensive care unit in Charlotte. James works with Span Enterprises, a software company. James also is a professional photographer, and it is always an honor to have a fellow professional choose Chuck Eaton Photographers.

James planned a beautiful surprise for Becky’s birthday last year on Dec. 31st. James insisted that they celebrate in style, so the couple hit Times Square in New York City for the big count-down. They spent three frosty hours in the snow, chatting and having fun until everyone rang in the New Year. (The ball dropped?) But the excitement of the evening was far from from over.

“After the countdown and our kiss, James asked if I would spend 2010 with him,” Becky said. “I answered “Of course!” Silly man. Then he asked “Well, what about 2011?” to which I replied “Well, yeah!” At this point I’m thinking “Well, duh, James!” Then he asked “What about all the years after that?”

“By this time he had pulled out the ring, I was sobbing, and he asked me to marry him!”

The couple united in marriage at Vesuvius Vineyards in Iron Station, N.C., where an updated, 18th-century farmhouse provided a blend of tradition and modernity for the couple’s ceremony and reception. Becky chose Laura, her very best friend since fifth grade, to be her Matron of Honor. James chose his twin brother, Tanner, to be his best man. (Tanner’s wedding is in a few weeks in Atlanta.)

In their wedding, the couple included the ancient Celtic custom of “handfasting,” a ceremony reflecting the Holy trinity and the couple’s intention to marry for life. Becky’s and James’ mothers had each made a ribbon with decorations from their childhoods, and the minister concluded the traditional custom by adding a ribbon around their wrists, blessing their union. Their presiding minister also sported a kilt, adding an extra bit of dashing Celtic flair!

Drew, from Audio to Go, rocked the reception. Drew also provided fantastic music at a wedding I shot in Charleston last month. He is one popular D.J.! The beautiful and traditional Celtic style flowers came from Flowers Plus in Charlotte. The cake was by Victoria More of Cakes by Victoria.

After a joyful wedding and a beautiful reception, Becky and James left to honeymoon in the Caribbean.

Best wishes, Becky and James, and thank you for allowing Adam and I to be part of your wonderful day!

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