Jennifer and Jeb at the Rock Hill City Club

As long as men marry women, there will always be great stories.

Jennifer and Jeb have one. Theirs is the “Now, HOW did he propose?” story.

The Jeb and Jenn are both from Rock Hill, SC. They knew each other in passing, through brothers and friends, but they were basically acquaintances back then. It’s not as if wedding bells started ringing the minute they locked eyes across a room. I mean, we live in the 21st century. A man doesn’t just say “That is one fascinating, gorgeous woman! Where’s the ring store?”

No. Jeb was very strategic about this.

First, they became friends. The pair both work in uptown Charlotte, and ran into each other occasionally. Jennifer is a project manager for Wachovia and Jeb is the business development manager for a consulting group. So it was inevitable they would see each out and about.

One day, Jeb casually asked Jennifer out to lunch at Zink.

And that’s when the magic happened.

“We were in love from the very beginning,” Jennifer said. Because when you know, you know.

The couple began dating. Wine connoisseurs, they kept every cork from every bottle of wine they had ever shared with each other.

“We write the date, where we were, and something special or funny on the corks,” she said.

At five years of dating, they had saved over 250 corks.

On Feb. 26, Jeb planned an evening of restaurant-hopping for cocktails and appetizers.

At the fourth restaurant – which just happened to be Zink, their first-date restaurant – there were corks from 5 half-bottles of wine.

“Jeb said ‘Jenn, let’s go ahead and write on the corks from the night so we’ll know where we were and what we did.’” She usually did this, then handed the corks back to him. Then HE started writing on the corks. When she turned back around…

“Jeb had four corks on the table, each one with a single word: WILL YOU MARRY ME? He then asked if I would spend the rest of my life with him and marry him. After he put the gorgeous ring on my finger, I wrote my response on the fifth cork: YES!

“Those corks will definitely be remembered forever, as will that perfect night,” Jenn said.

The pair wed at Westminster Presbyterian Church in Rock Hill, with a reception following at the City Club of Rock Hill. Jenn easily remembers the best thing about her wedding day: “Walking down the aisle, with my Daddy, to a bagpiper and organist playing Highland Cathedral and seeing Jeb. It was the best feeling knowing I was about to marry the love of my life

She told us, “I love the picture you captured of me and Daddy walking down the aisle and zooming in on Jeb.” (Thank you for that, Jenn. It means a lot to us.)

In fact, Jenn had basically picked us 4 years ago. She was in a wedding we did four years ago, Leigh and Patrick’s, she told me then when she got married there was no one else who was going to capture her wedding…. sure enough when she got engaged we were who she called…. Thank You Jenn!

After a beautiful and moving ceremony and reception, the newlyweds toured Greece and Italy.

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Photographer – Chuck Eaton and Jason Miczek of Chuck Eaton Photographers

Wedding Planner – Events Per Se, Sarah Lynn Hayes

Cake: Sylvia’s Cakes and Things of Lancaster, SC

Flowers: Buy The Bunch

Gown: Coren Moore

Shoes: Kate Spade

Bridemaids Dresses: Lula Kate

Tuxedos: Groom – Custom Tux from Astor & Black;

Groomsmen – Gregory’s Formal Wear in Rock Hill

Rings: Diamonds Direct – Katherine Smith, great!

Hair and makeup: Hair: Dolce Lusso in Baxter; Makeup: Bare Minerals

Clergy: Reverend McCutchen at Westminster Presbyterian Church in Rock Hill

Reception location: The City Club of Rock Hill

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