Jubilee Farm {Katherine-Clare and Matt} Charleston Wedding Photographer

When true love is meant to be, sometimes cupid uses the computer to give the perfect couple a little goose in the right direction. This is how the magic happened between Katherine-Clare and Matthew.

“We met on an online dating website,” said Katherine-Clare, a stunning brunette with lovely hair. Katherine-Clare’s good friend told her it was hilarious to read the emails you get from prospective suitors, and Matthew’s roommate was all about online dating. Unsure about the prospect of meeting potential partners online, they both begrudgingly signed up at the urging of their friends.

Katherine-Clare viewed Matthew’s online profile and he could see that she had looked. He decided to message her, “since she looked really normal,” as he put it. (Don’t worry; he gets really smooth later in our story.) Both were still a little wary of online dating, so they simply chatted back and forth. It wasn’t until Matthew friended her on Facebook that the couple realized some of Katherine-Clare’s best guy friends from Charleston were Matthew’s fraternity brothers. Matthew asked her out for drinks and they started spending every moment of free time together… well, after Katherine-Clare made him chase her around for a week and a half. Katherine-Clare is a true Charleston Southern belle. She wanted to make sure his intentions were true.

As their playful friendship deepened into love, Matthew knew that Katherine-Clare was the woman for him. Matthew and Katherine-Clare moved to Miami in May 2011 so he could start law school at the University of Miami in the fall of 2011. At that point, they both knew they wanted to spend the rest of their lives together, but knew that jumping into marriage was not the responsible thing to do given their situation. Matthew convinced Katherine-Clare he would not propose until he graduated. Trying to be supportive but secretly disappointed about waiting to marry, she pretended to understand, and rarely brought the issue up.

Katherine-Clare and Matthew went to Charleston for Christmas on December 21, 2012. Unbeknownst to Katherine-Clare, Matthew pulled aside her dad, Tim, to ask for his daughter’s hand in marriage. Tim, obviously, gave his complete permission. Katherine-Clare’s mother, Robin, a secret co-conspirator, bought a really nice camera on December 23. Her mother was pretending to practice by taking pictures of the two of them, knowing the whole time Matthew was going to propose.

Things almost went awry when Katherine-Clare made Matthew take off his jacket for the pictures. She didn’t know her sparkling engagement ring was nestled in his jacket pocket, waiting to be whipped out at the perfect moment during the impromptu photography session. Matthew was able to pull a fast one and managed to slip the ring box into his pants pocket.

Robin pretended to walk back up to the house, saying she needed another lens. Katherine-Clare was mid-sentence when she realized Matthew was not responding. When she turned around, he was on one knee. When she saw him kneeling before her, she gasped, “Is this a joke?” She was so caught off-guard and so overwhelmed by happiness. After she said yes, the whole family came down and celebrated!

Katherine-Clare and her mother decided to make this wedding a joyous, one-of-a-kind celebration, imbuing the sacred ceremony and reception with traditional Southern elegance.

The most surprising part of the wedding, however, occurred in the beauty salon.

Four hours before the wedding, Katherine-Clare had her long term (and former babysitter) stylist, Turner Watson (owner of Canvas Salon), to cut off six inches of her long, lovely hair. You could have heard a pin drop. “Are you SURE about this?” one woman asked. “On your wedding day?” Many tried to talk her out of it, but Matthew liked it shorter. She told him after the wedding she would cut it. As it turned out, as she walked down the aisle, Matthew grinned, adoring her sleek, stylish bob.

The most unique part of the wedding was the location.

Jubilee Farm is the property that Katherine-Clare’s parents own in Charleston. The ceremony took place under a majestic oak tree. The cocktail hour took place around the party barn. Bringing the ritual full-circle, the reception was held down by the water, where Matthew proposed. No one in Charleston has ever been married there, and the intimacy of it being held at a private property made it all the more special.

The allee, which the wedding party walked under, was a part of the property Katherine-Clare had always envisioned walking with her father to meet her groom. A unique twist: the bridal couple ate a private dinner in Katherine-Clare’s parents dining room during cocktail hour. It is something they would recommend every bride and groom do. They were able to have a few minutes to themselves and would have never had a chance to eat their wedding food otherwise!

“The food, drinks and band absolutely made the night!” Katherine-Clare said. “The dance floor was full at all times and people are still raving about the food and drinks.” For their send off, Chinese lanterns were lit and it was truly magical to watch 150 of them float off into the distance. It is certainly a moment neither of them will forget.

For their honeymoon, they went to the Excellence resort in Playa Mujeres, Mexico. They left on Monday morning and could not have been happier about waiting a day to rest and absorb the wedding day before leaving for the honeymoon. It was a very relaxing trip, but both were excited to get back and start adjusting to married life.


Photography by Chuck Eaton, Erin Krantz and Kristen Henderlong
Ballsy-est Hair Stylist of all time: Turner Watson (owner of Canvas Salon)
Coordinator: Pamela Strich
Caterer and Chef Service: Pampered Palate
Gown Designer: Justin Alexander from Bridal House of Charleston
Tuxedos: Jos. A. Banks
Headpiece: Custom made and given by Turner Watson (owner of Canvas Salon) as a wedding present
Veil: Katherine-Clare wore her mother’s veil from 1983 (her something old)
Invitations/Stationery: Designed by Robin Crump
Clergy: Rembert Moore. Rembert is Matthew’s best friend. When they were trying to decide who should marry them, they asked themselves, “Who knows us as couple the best?” The answer was Rembert. While living in Atlanta, he was over at their house at least 3 times a week and saw their ups and downs. He made the ceremony so special to both of them.
Florist: Keepsake Florist
Floral Arrangements: Margaret Eargle
Violinist: Seth G of Seth Gaillard
Band: Plane Jane – Blacktree Management Group
Cake: Artistic Cakes by Linda
Tableware Rental: Polished!
Tables: Eventworks
Artist of real time art of ceremony: Mary Hoffman
Beverage Caterer Squeeze

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