Kelly and Adam at The Ballantyne Resort

If you ask Kelly and Adam where they met, they tell you they don’t know.
Actually, they DO know. This is just their in-joke.
“We met at a bar in Baltimore,” Kelly said. “Adam’s older brother was bar tending. The name of the bar is ‘Don’t Know,’ so it is funny when people ask where we met!”
While Adam was blown away by Kelly, he didn’t manage to snag her phone number that first night.
“He struggled trying to get my number from his brother and a few mutual friends,” Kelly said. “When he finally got it, he called and asked me on a date to Soto Sopra, a very nice Italian restaurant in Baltimore. We have been together ever since!”
While Adam and Kelly are very creative, they both have an excellent head for business. Adam is an Officer at Wells Fargo. Kelly is a Business Development Manager for a wholesale brokerage All Risks, Ltd.
It wasn’t long before Adam was certain that Kelly was the woman for him. He decided to propose on President’s Day.
(“Very romantic!” Kelly said, laughing.)
Here’s how The Big Proposal Day was SUPPOSED to work: Adam and Kelly both had the day off. A friend, Ann Claire, invited Kelly to go for a mani/pedi so Adam could have everything prepared. A relaxed and refreshed Kelly was supposed to waltz in the door, so Adam could pop the question.
Here is what REALLY happened on The Big Proposal Day: Since Kelly and Adam rarely had the same workday off, Kelly wanted to spend it with Adam. She loved her friend Ann Claire, but she really wanted to spend a relaxing day with Adam. Imagine Kelly’s surprise when Adam told her he really didn’t WANT to hang out with her that day. Needless to say, Kelly felt a bit upset.
So, Kelly, feeling rejected, DID go with her friend but while Kelly sat in a nail salon chair, Adam sprinted all over town picking up the ring, the flowers, and everything else.
What began as a Monday for Kelly turned into a weird, scary Monday for Kelly after she came home and kissed Adam. She could smell whiskey on his breath, he was by himself, and it was only 2 in the afternoon.
Unnerved, Kelly asked Adam why he was acting so weird. Why was he having a shot of Jameson’s at 2 p.m. on a Monday afternoon? (“He needed a little liquid courage,” Kelly said, in retrospect.)
“Adam went in the other room, grabbed the ring and a bunch of flowers, got down on one knee and asked me to marry him,” Kelly said. “I was so elated and emotional that I forgot to answer him — twice! We both forgot about the ring!”
After Kelly’s ecstatic “Yes!”, the couple began calling family and friends to break the big news. They went to their favorite restaurant, 131 Main, then joined friends for celebratory drinks at the elegant Ballantyne Resort bar.
In fact, Adam and Kelly love The Ballantyne Resort so much, they decided to get married there.
For Kelly, one of the most touching and unique things about her wedding was the wedding vows and where she keeps them.
“We wrote the entire ceremony, including our vows, in my family Bible,” Kelly said. Since Kelly is Catholic and Adam is Jewish, they incorporated both faiths into their wedding.
During cocktail hour, a large collection of photographs from both families were set up for guests to enjoy. The guest books were coffee-table picture-books of Baltimore, Maryland, and Connecticut, where Kelly and Adam grew up.
“This made it fun for people to sign our guest books and look through pictures of their hometowns, since most of our guests were from Baltimore and Connecticut,” Kelly said. “For example, my brother signed the page in the Connecticut book that showed Yale University, since he went to school there.”
The couple could not have asked for a more beautiful or joyful wedding day.
“We both just enjoyed the love that was captured on that day between us, our families, and our friends,” Kelly said. “It seemed as if it were fate that everything was perfect. The weather? No issues. Everything was perfect! We had the best team of vendors who really allowed us to just ENJOY our special day and not have to worry about ANYTHING.”
For their honeymoon, Kelly and Adam went to Cocobay Resort in Antigua for 11 days.
“It was paradise!” Kelly said. “It was the perfect place to unwind after a crazy wedding weekend.”

Photography – Chuck Eaton anf Jason E. Miczek of Chuck Eaton Photographers

videography – Jason Vittorio Videography
wedding planner – Dina Berg Blazek Events (Dina Blazek and Amy Horack)
venue – The Ballantyne Hotel, Charlotte, NC
cake: Provided by The Ballantyne Hotel
flowers: The Bloom Room – Lynette Dohner Atienza (Asheville, NC and Charlotte, NC)
gown: Martina Liana is the designer and I bought it at J. Majors. Veil was from J. Crew.
bridemaids dress: J. Crew dresses in the Fawn color. Each girl got to pick her own style.
tuxedos/suits – Black Suits from Jos. A Banks
rings: Kelly’s are Tacori. Don’t know Adam’s. They were all purchased at Diamond’s Direct
hair and makeup: Cathy McNeish ( – did all of the girls’ hair and make-up
clergy: Reverend Diana Collins – specializes in interfaith ceremonies
ceremony location: South Lawn at The Ballantyne Hotel

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