Kristine and Chris’s wedding at St Patrick’s and Carmel Country Club

Chris gets the gold medal for wooing his woman. And apparently, he is one persuasive gentleman.
Chris became smitten with Kristine. The two were part of an intimate circle of friends.
The first two or three times he asked Kristine out, she said no.
“I didn’t want to mess up the circle of friends,” said Kristine.
The two attended the wedding of a friend. After this friends’ lovely wedding, Chris proposed a… run on the beach.
“We woke up tired, of course, but he wanted to run,” Kristine said. “I didn’t. He said ‘Let’s just run,’ so he could get some training in for his marathon in a couple of months. I said ‘Fine, but not far!’ ”
Kristine really wanted to be supportive, so she agreed to push on through her exhaustion.
“I didn’t want to run in the sand, but he did,” Kristine said. “Then he wanted to run another mile past the pier and I didn’t, but we did. On the way back to the pier, I took off to beat him!”
She kept going past the pier where he wanted to pop the question.
“He had to drag me back under the pier to propose — quickly, before I took off again, and that was it!” Kristine said.
With the bride wearing her sister’s veil, that was patterned after her mother’s veil, the couple united in marriage in a lovely traditional ceremony at the Cathedral of St. Patrick’s. Six nieces and one nephew were beautiful and dashing parts of the wedding. A fantastic reception awaited family and friends at Carmel Country Club.
“In western Pennsylvania, we have family and friends bake pastries and cookies to supplement the cake, so we had a large table of various Italian pastries and other cookies for the guests to eat, and also take home with them.”
The couple, both busy with work, enjoyed a mini-honeymoon at the Sanctuary at Kiawah. They are going to enjoy their real honeymoon in South Africa in the months to come!
What a wonderful couple Kristine and Chris are, and what a moving ceremony to be a part of.

Thank you so much for allowing us to be part of your sacred day, and may you have a blessed marriage!