Lorena and Michael at The Magnolia Room in Rock Hill

When two people promise to love each other in sickness and in health, I’d like you to meet a beautiful couple who REALLY mean it!

Our story begins with Lorena and Michael. Lorena is a gorgeous au pair from Paraguay and a former flight attendant for TAM in South America. She decided to come to America to improve her English and learn more about the country she has come to love.

Sparks flew when she met Michael, a management consultant. As their affection deepened into love, Michael knew she was the woman for him. He bought a beautiful diamond. He planned a romantic weekend in the wine country of the North Carolina highlands. He planned his proposal down to the very last detail.

Then Mother Nature intervened.

Michael got violently ill. He felt he had ruined all their plans for a wonderful, romantic getaway. But Lorena didn’t see it that way at all.

“The way Lorena took care of me at that time was more than I imagined,” Michael said. “It proved that love, unlike infatuation, shows more strength when times are rough, rather than being limited to when times are good.

“Later that weekend, while sharing the comfortable silence between two people who love each other, Lorena remarked how she loved these moments. I decided that this was the moment I wanted to capture – not a place we might not get to revisit, but a feeling of comfort between two people doing their day-to-day activities. She said yes!”

Their wedding was an intimate, family affair.

Michael’s aunt catered, decorated, and made the desserts. The servers were the Sunday School friends of Michael’s parents. Michael and his cousin, Craig, designed the wedding programs. Michael’s cousin Chase was the DJ, cousin Ashley sang for the ceremony. The officiating pastor was a friend of Lorena and Michael.

After all the guests arrived “twelve different countries were represented,” Michael said.

After a lovely ceremony on the patio of the Magnolia Room in Rock Hill, the party started. People were thrown into the air on the dance floor. The newly joined family melded. They were so happy for Michael and Lorena the crowd just glowed.

“I can’t tell you just how wonderful it was to see everyone, and take joy in such a special occasion,” Michael said. “I enjoy seeing people have a good time. We appreciate all the love and support from people we genuinely care about.”

The pair honeymooned at the Ritz-Carlton in West Palm Beach, Florida. During their week of fun and sun, they went fishing a couple of times. Michael even caught a nice cobia!

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