Omni Charlotte {Rupal and Naman} Ritz Carlton Charlotte Hindu Wedding Photographer

When Naman first saw the elegant and beautiful Rupal, he was captivated by her.

The couple met in Boston, at a friend’s birthday party. Rupal, an optometrist brimming with bubbly enthusiasm and sweetness, was impressed by the handsome Naman. Naman, a striking and intelligent entrepreneur, felt drawn to Rupal. As the couple spent more time together, their attraction deepened.

Naman realized he had met the love of his life. So he created a wedding proposal (with a lot of help from the bride’s sister, Priya!) that Rupal would treasure for the rest of her life.

Using the skills he honed as a successful businessman, he used teamwork and planning to create Rupal’s fairytale proposal. Rupal’s sister, Priya, helped so much with the planning that the couple’s friends jokingly called Priya the secondary bride! But with Priya as his accomplice, Naman planned Rupal’s surprise proposal for the holidays, and it was spectacular.

A few days before Thanksgiving, Naman told Rupal he could not spend the holiday with her because of “an unexpected business trip.”

Rupal, needless to say, was extremely upset.

“Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday,” Rupal said. “Food, shopping, family — what’s not to love?”

Resigned to a holiday without Naman, she planned to spend the holiday with family and go shopping with her friend Anisha on Black Friday. Instead of getting up at 8 p.m., as planned, she was awakened at 4:30 a.m. and handed a pink envelope with a message inside…

Minutes later, Rupal’s suitcase was was packed and her friend Neha drove her to the airport. Once they arrived, Rupal’s friend Anisha gave Rupal a second envelope.

“This message was accompanied by first-class airline tickets to MIAMI!” Rupal said. “After a very relaxed flight (that may or may not have included refreshing mimosas,) I landed in Miami, where I received a third envelope.”

Waiting at baggage claim, ready to sneak up from behind and surprise her were her sister Priya and her best friend, Maisha! The friends were excited and had already planned the entire day for Rupal. Once they arrived at their hotel, Rupal received her fourth envelope.

Since she had been woken up at 4:30 a.m. for a surprise plane trip and had to get ready in a hurry, she arrived in her room to find a gorgeous dress, shoes and jewelry already picked out and ready for her to wear. The friends headed to the Fontainebleau for a spa day.

“Nails, champagne and girl talk — what more does a girl need?” Rupal said. Rupal’s friends “suggested” that next they should all get dressed up, have a photo shoot at the beach and have brunch. So, they headed back to the hotel to change when Rupal got her fifth message.

This message came with a stunning dress, Michael Kors shoes and more gorgeous jewelry.

“Swoon!” Rupal said. “Who doesn’t love a man with good taste? (Okay, maybe he head help from a certain sister along the way!)”

When the girls stepped outside, a limousine awaited to take Rupal and her friends to the beach. Finally, as they arrived and began taking a few pictures by the ocean, the girls asked Rupal to keep walking and handed her the final envelope.

Soothed by the refreshing breezes and lapping ocean waves, Rupal looked up to see her beloved Naman, standing in the sand, tuxedo and all!

“As I walked up to him, he got on one knee and gave the most heart-melting proposal speech,” Rupal said. “There were tears, there were laughs, and obviously, I said ‘YES!'”

One year later, the wedding was just as joyous and beautifully planned.

“It was a jam-packed week full of emotion, smiles and tons of fun,” Rupal said. “Everything from our vendors to the venue made our wedding unique and our special day possible. We had an awesome group of people helping to make our day so wonderful. However, more than anything, what made our wedding unique
were the amazing family and friends who came to celebrate with us. We had three nights packed with parties, and 450 dancing people created an epic wedding weekend.

“We kicked it off with a spooky blast: a Halloween party for our friends. It was a great time for everyone to meet and got the weekend started right.

“On Friday, we began the more traditional Indian ceremonies with various religious ceremonies. The night ended with the Sangeet, where our friends performed some amazing (and hilarious) dances.

“Saturday morning was a morning to remember. For the Baarat (the bridegroom’s wedding procession,) more than 200 people danced their way through the streets of Charlotte in a crazy winter storm. The wedding ceremony itself took place in the gorgeous Ritz Carlton Urban Garden, and was followed by a decadent lunch with some amazing desserts.

“A couple of hours later, the real celebreation began. The reception was an incredible party that lasted nearly seven hours. There was dancing, some amazing speeches, more dancing, out-of-this-world Indian food, and some amazing cupcakes. It was possibly one of the best parties ever! Our wedding weekend was a whirlwind of fun, excitement and love.”

For their honeymoon, Naman and Rupal spent a week in beautiful Anguilla in the Caribbean.

“We enjoyed pristine beaches at some of the most luxurious resorts in the world, and the food was out of this world,” Rupal recalled blissfully.

The proposal was magical, the wedding was amazing and the reception was wonderful. But those things aren’t what Rupal treasures most about her storybook proposal and wedding weekend.

“The best thing about my wedding was marrying my best friend,” Rupal said. “Of course, I also loved celebrating with everyone who is near and dear to us. Oh, and the cupcakes!”

Photography: Chuck Eaton and Erin Kranz for Chuck Eaton Photographers
Wedding Coordinator/Planner: Ayesha Mian
Hairstylist/makeup for wedding: Neeta Patel- Belladev Studio
Cake: Ella’s Celestial Cakes
Flowers & Decor: Rahma Zaghari -Carolina Wedding Belle
Wedding Outfit: Traditional Lengha by Designer: Anamika Khanna
Wedding Shoes: Salvatore Ferragamo
Reception Shoes: Christian Louboutin
Tuxedos: Designed by Acustom Apparel
Engagement/Wedding ring Designer: Tacori
Invitations/Stationery: Mira Malhotra- Mumbai
Ceremony location: Ritz Carlton- Urban Garden Downtown Charlotte
Caterers: Nishal Sethi- Bombay Grille
Reception location: Grand Ballroom- Omni Hotel Downtown Charlotte
Photo booth: Snapster Booth
DJ : Dj Desi-Amit Vasi
Chair rentals: Carolina’s Luxury Events
Wedding night hotel/inn: Ritz Carlton Downtown Charlotte]
Bachelor party location/activity: South Beach, Miami
Bachelorette party location/activity: Las Vegas
Specialty gifts/favors: Coasters from India
Transportation provider: Horse- Latta Plantation

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