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Three Things to Ask Before Hiring a Professional Photographer

When it comes to hiring a professional photographer in Ballantyne, Charlotte, or Matthews, you want to ensure that it’s a perfect match. Many times, corporations and individuals hire a photographer without actually understanding the different niches and styles of photography. Some photographers only shoot portraits; some only shoot landscapes. Sometimes, who you think is a…

Wardrobe Tips for Fun Family Photos

1. Match your interior design When many families get professional photography done, they have the intention to hang their new photos around the house. Before you start coordinating outfits for your upcoming session, take note of where you’ll hang the pictures and what colors you can use to compliment the interior of your home. 2….

Uplevel Your Business in 2020 With Corporate Photography

From plumbers to realtors, competition among businesses is higher than ever. To stand up against competitors, it’s essential for your business to have a defined brand and imagery that matches it. By investing in corporate photography in 2020, you are strengthening your brand in a few vital ways:    Improved Branding  Corporate photography allows you…

Yes, A Professional Photographer is Better Than a SmartPhone

In a world of ever-growing technology, more and more people are attempting to use amateur equipment to shoot professional photos. Whether this is for business or professional use, a phone photo will always pale in comparison to a professional photographer’s work. A Professional Photographer has Professional Equipment  Photographers have a wide range of equipment that can be…