The Catawba Queen {Lauren and Matt} Lady of the Lake Charlotte Wedding Photographer

Matt and Lauren met at a party that was a little unusual. Lauren shares what happened.

“Our love story started when we met the first time through mutual friends,” she said. “Our friend Courtney was having a party to celebrate graduating from nursing school. She and her fiancé, Nick, had both invited a bunch of people over to their house, which included the both us.

“When we got there, the apology phone calls started to come in with person after person saying they were not going to be able to make it.”

What was supposed to have been a big party ended up being four people: the hosts, Aydellette, who is a CVS pharmacist, and Matt, a promotional salesman for Impact Plus. Lauren and Matt had never met before.

“We hit it off right away,” Lauren said. “We went on our official first date the next night and we were inseparable from that moment forward. Our dear friends Courtney and Nick jokingly take full credit for our relationship and we joke with them that they never invited anyone else to the party in the first place because they had schemed to set us up on a blind date. Either way, we both knew it was love at first sight and have them to thank for introducing us. Of course, they were both in the bridal party at our wedding!”

Matt and Lauren were very happy. And Matt decided Lauren was absolutely the woman for him.

“Our engagement story is not one of the romantic stories you read about, or see on sites like Pinterest,” Lauren said. “I was not the woman who was anxious to get married; I’d go as far as to say I was missing the wedding gene that made you dream of it or want to plan every detail before you even get engaged. No, I was more or less just enjoying being in a wonderful relationship with the man of my dreams.

“Matt, on the other hand was a schemer. He went out with his mom in early July and purchased a ring (we had NEVER discussed rings or weddings or getting engaged). You can imagine utter surprise when I came home one Monday night in October after a very long day at work. Matt had cooked the most wonderful meal. He had set the table, had the music playing and candles lit. Because Matt spoils me I didn’t think this was too far out of the usual; he is the chef in our relationship and often has dinner ready when I get home. But when I went to sit down at our dining room tablet I noticed he had rolled our silverware up in the napkins. I remember thinking that he was adorable for doing that!

“He served dinner and as I opened my napkin… he was already out of his chair and on one knee next me. I saw him before the ring and the most genuinely shocked expression on my face. I won’t share the words he said while he was on his knee, but they were perfect and it didn’t matter anyway because without a shred doubt I knew my answer was YES!

“My ring is beautiful! I think it says something that without hints or conversations about it… he was able to pick the most amazing ring for me because he knew me that well. He also hid that ring in out apartment for 3 months without me knowing anything. It was the perfect surprise!”

Lauren has many lovely memories of the day she married Matt.

“The best part about our wedding day is a toss-up between exchanging our personalized vows we had written for each other and getting in the limo at the end of the night, finally being able to kick our shoes off!” They got married on a yacht on Lake Norman. It was an intimate gathering of 75 of their closest friends and family.

“I would say the whole wedding was unique,” Lauren said. “You got on board to enjoy and got off with new friends and family. It was perfect, not staged, very real, and there isn’t one thing we would change!”

The couple has a lot of fun together, which means a lot to both of them.

“We’d probably say the coolest thing about our relationship is how much laughter there is,” Lauren said. “We crack each other up all the time, whether it’s over dinner, while we’re out or when we’re waking up in bed we are always laughing. We are pretty hysterical… I think our friends and family would definitely say the same thing. We just enjoy each other’s company a lot and are best friends… which are pretty cool to us!”

For their honeymoon, Matt and Lauren spent a week in Ocho Rios Jamaica at the Sandals Grand Riviera. “You should go to this resort,” Lauren said. “It’s amazing!”

Photographer: Chuck Eaton Photographers
Cake: The Bakery Shoppe
Flowers: Bells and Blooms Florist
Gown: Diva’s Boutique and Bridal Salon
Designer: Justin Alexander
Shoes: Off Broadway Shoe Department
Designer: BCBG
Bridesmaids’ dresses: New York Bride and Groom
Tuxedos: Men’s Wearhouse
Designer: Calvin Klein
Engagement ring: Diamonds Direct
Wedding rings: Diamonds Direct and Jewelers Mart
Hairstylist and Make-up for wedding: Joni Lineberger
Music: Darin Henley
Ceremony location: Queens Landing
Wedding consultants/planners: Rick Pollard

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