Twana and Arieus in Rock Hill

If you ask Twana and Arieus who brought them together, they have one answer: Almighty God, maker of heaven and earth. Every question you ask about their marriage is grounded in faith first, last and always.

Twana, an attorney in Rock Hill, ran into Arieus in her office lobby. Arieus, a designer and medical illustrator, was fascinated by this lovely, strong, capable woman.

She was on her way to Bible study. He was on a divine assignment, as it turned out! He had met the woman who would become his wife.

God does work in mysterious ways, because Arieus was simply helping out a friend with car trouble when he ended up in Twana’s office lobby.

At first, Twana was delighted to meet a brother in Christ whom she considered a friend. They talked for almost an hour and a half, finding joy in the depth of their love for the Lord.

“My heart above all things desired a man who was a visionary. Most importantly, I desired a worshipper and a lover of my Heavenly Father,” Twana wrote on her wedding website. “I was confident that if I would continue to be about God’s business, when my strength grows weary to the bone, God would bring alongside of me a ‘suitable helpmate’ equipped for the journey ahead. I was convinced in my spirit that when God has destined you for future assignments, whether it be as servants to serve the community, prayer warrior assignments or training future leaders in Christ, it was His common practice to send the disciples two by two, as he did in Mark 6:7.”

“Who would have known God would have sent him to right to the doorstep of the office!”

“The plan to come to Rock Hill simply began as an opportunity to serve one of my dearest friends, mentees and brothers,” Arieus said. “It ended up being the day I found God’s form of love designed and fashioned for me.”

The couple united in the sacred ceremony of marriage at Freedom Temple Ministries. Their reception for family and friends was held at the Historic White Home in downtown Rock Hill.

After a lovely ceremony and joyful celebration, the couple honeymooned on the private island of Ko Olina in Hawaii.

When asked what makes their marriage unique, Twana and Arieus are in complete agreement:

“The initial encounter, engagement and marital covenant was uniquely designed by God and attended by the Holy Spirit.”

Their favorite part of their wedding?

“The Presence of the Holy Spirit as we publicly presented our covenant and the powerful expression of our vows.”

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