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Ginny and Liz spectacular wedding in McClellanville SC

33.3° North, 79.32° West. That location is the end of the dock at the most perfect place in the world for Liz and her new wife, Ginny. It is so important to them that they had it engraved in their engagement rings. And when it came time for the two of them to get married,…

A taste of Liz and Ginny’s Fabulous wedding at in McClennanville, South Carolina

Ok It has been a crazy month around here but I could not wait another minute to share this really incredible wedding from the coast. I can not believe I get to be part of such incredible weekends. Lots more to come! I LOVE my job!

Jubilee Farm {Katherine-Clare and Matt} Charleston Wedding Photographer

When true love is meant to be, sometimes cupid uses the computer to give the perfect couple a little goose in the right direction. This is how the magic happened between Katherine-Clare and Matthew. “We met on an online dating website,” said Katherine-Clare, a stunning brunette with lovely hair. Katherine-Clare’s good friend told her it…