Omni Hotel {Sherifa and Angelo} Charlotte Wedding Photographer ~ Northside Baptist Church

We’re known for our manners here in the South. For Sherifa, a beautiful lass originally from Jamacia, her good manners led to a trip to the altar.
   Sherifa was earning her bachelor’s degree at a nearby college, while a handsome fellow student from Haiti named Angelo entered the picture. Sherifa tells the story:
   “Angelo was dropping off his younger cousins at a daycare nearby when I saw them running around on the sidewalk. I held the door for the kids while I waited to see the adult they were with. Angelo walked up, said ‘hi,’ and thanked me for holding the door.  According to him, he looked around campus for me for about two weeks; I was walking to class one day and he stared at me for a long moment. I said ‘hi,’ as I walked by him. He followed me to class, asked for my phone number, and the rest is history.”
    Today, Angelo is a nurse at Carolinas Health Care, as well as being a combat medic in the Army Reserve. Sherifa is now a payroll specialist. As their love deepened, they knew they had found a love worth waiting for. But the proposal still took Sherifa by surprise.
   “Angelo and I graduated from the University of North Carolina at Charlotte on the same day,” Sherifa said. “We both had family in town for the celebration, and I had a graduation party the night we graduated. Angelo told me his family and close friends were coming over to say ‘goodbye,’ before they started their 12-hour drive home. It was early in the morning, so I did not feel like getting dressed up just to say, ‘Bye.’ My mom scolded me to change clothes, but I still was not suspicious of the plan.
   “Angelo arrived dressed in slacks and a dress shirt. I was caught a bit off-guard and asked him if he was going to church after his family left. We got inside and everyone took a seat. I was called up in front of everyone, then Angelo got down on one knee and proposed. I was so surprised, self-conscious and shy, that I answered with ‘Sure.’ Not the best answer, but I was having a moment!”
   Sherifa and Angelo do not doubt their marriage will stand the test of time. They already know their bond is strong.
   “We’ve been separated a lot for long periods in our relationship,” Sherifa said. “The cool part is we stuck through these periods of separation while the other went on to accomplish his or her goals. We’ve been through a 12-hour drive apart when I moved to North Carolina, seven months of army training, then a 7-hour drive apart when I moved away for school.”
   The couple had some unique touches at their wedding , such as a fingerprint-tree guest book. There was a picture slide-show throughout the cocktail hour and reception. Sherifa loved the vibrant colors, as well as how well both families got along, showing love and support for each other.
   Her favorite moments at the reception?
   “I loved the toasts and speeches from our family and friends. They were so heart-warming and almost every speech made us tear up,” she said.
   After their beautiful wedding at Northside Baptist Church and reception at the Omni, the couple enjoyed a dream honeymoon: eight days in London and Paris!

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