Shipyard Beach Club {Maggie and Robert} Hilton Head Island Wedding Photographer

Maggie and Robert found love the new-fashioned way: online.
Maggie had recently moved back to Atlanta from Seattle, and Robert had recently moved to Atlanta from Los Angeles. Robert has a career in risk management and Maggie’s career is in real estate.
“We hit it off!” Maggie said. “Our first date lasted 13 hours and 10 minutes. We started off with lunch at a Bangladeshi restaurant, then enjoyed meandering through a huge antique market the entire afternoon. Robert invited me to join him for dinner – we had sushi – and then we went for coffee. We ended our evening in the library of the high-rise where he lived, chatting in front of the fireplace.”
As the couple spent more time together, Robert realized the Maggie was the perfect woman for him. The proposal didn’t go exactly as planned, however.
“Robert proposed to me on Valentine’s Day,” Maggie recalled. “I remember traffic was horrible that day, so I called Robert and told him I was going to get my nails done and wait for rush hour to subside. I walked in and our home and the whole house smelled delicious! There was a beautifully wrapped box and a bouquet of roses on the dining room table – but no Robert. I changed out of my work clothes and decided to catch a bit of television while I waited for him. He finally came through the door, explaining he had been downstairs working on the taxes. I thought that sounded odd, but I didn’t question him.”
Maggie later learned that Robert felt as if the world was conspiring against his plan to propose. His train was late, he got stuck in horrible traffic and he had to recreate his entire proposal.
“Needless to say, he was a bit frazzled by the time I saw him!” Maggie said.
“We proceeded to have a fabulous meal of rosemary-roasted lamb,” she added. “Robert cleared the plates away from the table and said he had written down a few thoughts he wanted to share with me. I seriously did not see it coming.”

Robert pulled out a pad of paper.

“He read the most beautiful love letter to me,” Maggie said. “He described how he felt when we first met, the moment he knew he was in love with me and all the reasons why he felt we make an excellent couple. He then asked me to marry him and I said, ‘YES!

“His love letter to me is the most romantic thing in this world, and forevermore, Valentine’s Day will have an extra-special meaning for me.”

Their Hilton Head Island wedding day had deeper meaning for the couple for three reasons.

“First, the location,” Maggie said. “The fondest memories of my childhood are of Hilton Head Island. My family spent every summer from the time I was seven until I was 17 on the island. I knew I wanted to get married in Hilton Head. Robert is a sailor and loves the sea. It was important for us to get married near the ocean. When our family friends recommended the Shipyard Beach Club I knew it was perfect. Absolutely perfect for us!

“Second, our officiant was Dr. Dorsey Deaton. He married my parents, he married both of my brothers to their wives and he has now married me and Robert. It is such a special bond our family has with Dr. Deaton.

“Third, our monogram,” Maggie said. “I searched and searched for the perfect invitations. I want something that spoke of us and the atmosphere for our wedding. I found a fantastic graphic designer and she created our wedding invitation monogram that we will use for years. The background is a mariner’s compass inlaid with a lucky horseshoe and inside the horseshoe is a seahorse. The seahorse has special meaning for Robert since he is a sailor and he grew up on a horse farm. The seahorse encompasses his two greatests passions and it has sort of become his moniker. I love Robert, so naturally, I love the monogram!”

The most special part of their wedding day?

“Sharing the joy we felt with our closest friends and family members,” Maggie said.

After their beautiful island wedding, Robert and Maggie honeymooned at the Sonesta Resort on Hilton Head for a week.