Yes, A Professional Photographer is Better Than a SmartPhone

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In a world of ever-growing technology, more and more people are attempting to use amateur equipment to shoot professional photos. Whether this is for business or professional use, a phone photo will always pale in comparison to a professional photographer’s work.

A Professional Photographer has Professional Equipment 

Photographers have a wide range of equipment that can be used during a shoot to ensure the best possible photo outcome. Some of these factors include lenses, lighting equipment, and professional backdrops. This allows the photographer to control external factors such as lighting, shadows, and colors that amateur equipment cannot.

Control of Depth of Field 

If you’re asking yourself what depth-of-field is, this is the first sign you need a professional photographer. Depth-of-field controls the distance between the nearest and furthest objects focused in an image. A shallow depth of field means an extremely sharp focal paint, which is excellent for portrait photography and professional headshots.

High-Quality Editing 

Taking a professional photo is the first step. After the initial picture is taken, professional photographers often spend hours in front of the computer editing and ensuring the photo is perfect and ready for the intended client.

Sharper Images 

Although smartphone cameras have come a long way, they still lack far behind image quality compared to professional photography equipment. The iPhone 11 camera has a dual 12-megapixel camera. Professional cameras can have upwards of 45-megapixels, making them almost four times sharper than phone images.

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